Time to Talk Day 2020

February 14, 2020

Every person of every age can benefit from showing kindness and spreading messages of positivity. Not only is it something that is beneficial to our own mental health, but it is an important way to counter the negativity we are often surrounded with in every day life. From our own self talk to the mass media, it can get a bit overwhelming when we are surrounded by destructive, damaging and toxic narrative. So, taking the opportunity to write a few words and share the love is a powerful contributor for our own wellbeing as well as those around us.

As such, we decided to run a “Kindness Rocks” project and invite the students to decorate small rocks with kind, motivational and supportive messages and then spread these around campus. It was so heart-warming to see so many imaginative and inspiring creations and I really think that it helped spread a strong and uplifting message far and wide.

We also spent the day creating a ‘Wellbeing Wall’ where students were invited to write on a ‘brick’ with a short message of the things they do to manage their own wellbeing. Sharing our own strategies for optimising our mental health is a powerful contributor to our immediate community, helping others to learn new techniques and reinforce a message of hope and optimism that there is always something we can do to lift our spirits. Some of the many, many messages shared included talking to friends, crying, listening to music, meditation, walking, lifting weights, watching clouds, writing, drawing, laying in a dark room and running. The wonderful nature of this wellbeing wall meant that there was no ‘right’ answer. Furthermore, it spreads the important message that we are all wonderfully different and unique and therefore our approach to managing our wellbeing is equally as individual.

In the afternoon I delivered a mental health awareness seminar to a large group of students in the main theatre. The session was really well attended and is a testament to the college and the safeguarding team and their commitment to the wellbeing of their students , as well as the students themselves for being motivated to learn about their own mental health as well as how they can help support their friends and family as well as tackle stigma in society.

The day was a big success and across all the activities we got hundreds of students talking more about their mental health for Time to Talk Day.

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