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Training Solutions

We have the know-how your employees need.

A customised solution for every client

We offer a range of specialised services and interventions, from risk assessments, organisational audits, wellbeing surveys, customised training and complete wellbeing programmes. Our focus is to work with or clients to develop an approach to employee wellbeing that is action-based and effective. ​

Every organisation, every department, every person is unique.As such, we believe that every wellbeing strategy needs to reflect the individual needs of a business and its workforce.


Available both virtually online or onsite. Training duration can be customised based on client needs, from a one hour seminar to a 6 day programme.

Below is an overview of some of our more popular training topics. These is not an exhaustive list and typically trainings are customised based on an in-depth review of data and a complete training needs analysis to ensure that the content meets the organisational needs. We also run open workshops across the year around Essex and London.

Keep Mentally Fit

This immersive and interactive training aims to promote mental wellbeing and tackle the common stigmas associated with mental health. We will equip attendees with the knowledge and support to stay mentally fit.

Training includes:

  • The mental health continuum
  • Recognising the signs of poor mental health
  • Understanding stress, anxiety, depression and addictions
  • Cultivating a supportive work environment
  • Sources of support
  • Living a mentally fit lifestyle

Disconnect – Switching Off Mentally and Digitally

The way we communicate in a digital world has transformed working behaviours, compelling people to be plugged in 24/7 and having a direct correlation with stress, anxiety and burnout. This workshop will provide attendees with the powerful insight into the impact of working in a connected world where failing to switch off poses a very real risk to our mental health. The workshop will reveal the ways it is possible to proactively reclaim a sense of work life balance using practical strategies to address existing habits and learning to unplug digitally and mentally for a healthier and happier life.

Training includes:

  • The psychological impact of being switched on 24/7
  • Understanding how technology overload leads to burnout
  • Discover simple ways to reclaim a sense of work life balance
  • Practical ways to address existing habits
  • Simple strategies to unplug digitally and mentally

Personal Resilience

Exploring the Resilient Mindset and discovering ways to embrace challenges and change with positivity.


  • Understanding Resilience
  • 10 Keys to Resilience
  • The power of perception
  • Ways to increase self awareness
  • Self belief and worth
  • Coping strategies for stress
  • Action plan for a resilient lifestyle

Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

Understanding the impact of emotional intelligence on relationships and performance in the workplace.


  • Understanding EQ
  • Self awareness and self regulation
  • Empathy
  • Motivating the self and others
  • Positive relationships
  • An emotionally intelligent workplace

Time Management

Discovering the ways to protect and manage time and invest every hour in the right way.


  • Identify objectives and understand time as the most valuable asset
  • Overcome causes of poor time management
  • Examine key skills in delegation
  • Explore personal and team productivity
  • Recognise time thieves

Dealing with Difficult People

Consider ways to recognise and manage difficult or challenging behaviour


  • Dealing with challenging, distressing or confrontational behaviour
  • Coping strategies when faced with a difficult situation
  • Emotionally charged situations
  • A resilience toolkit

Stress Awareness for Managers

Recognising stress and supporting staff is essential for every leader.


  • Defining Stress and Pressure
  • The science behind stress
  • Early warning signs
  • HSE Management Standards
  • Difficult conversations
  • The mood contagion
  • Informal and formal interventions
  • A culture of resilience

Collaborative Communication

Fostering teamwork and learning how to communicate to divide the task at hand and multiply the success.


  • Characteristics of effective communication
  • Different communicaton styles
  • Non verbal cues
  • Understanding personality types

Coping with the Challenges of Life

Learning the importance of relaxation and develop positive coping strategies to employ during difficult times.


  • Physiology of Relaxation
  • Mindfulness
  • Nutrition
  • Breathing Techniques
  • Strategies for relaxing at work
  • Tips for quality sleep
  • Tackling self talk
  • Managing tension

Bullying and Harassment

Exploring ways to recognise bullying and harassment and know how to act.


  • Defining bullying and harassment, both overt and covert
  • The employer perspective and responsibility
  • Understanding the drama triangle
  • The impact on the individual, team and organisation

Work/Life Balance

A balanced life is essential for any individual seeking a life of purpose, satisfaction and fulfilment.


  • What work life balance means
  • Managing priorities
  • The essence of essentialism
  • Being assertive and setting boundaries
  • Maximise productivity
  • The benefits of leisure time
  • Working smart not hard

Managing Change

Finding news ways to understand change and embrace opportunity when life takes us on a new and unexpected path.


  • The change cycle
  • Responsibility and accountability
  • Leadership during change
  • Being a positive change manager
  • Success during change

Conflict Resolution

Effective strategies to manage conflict in a healthy and positive way.


  • How conflict can be healthy
  • Identify conflict styles
  • Understand the role of communication
  • Personality styles
  • Ways to manage conflict

Mental Health For Managers

Discovers ways to recognise signs of concern and act.


  • Identify signs of concern
  • Learn the intervention scale
  • Methods of supporting staff
  • Identify the elements of a psychologically safe working culture


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