Improving the Wellbeing of your Workforce and your Business.

Working as your wellbeing partner, we provide a complete solution to managing staff wellbeing. Our platform provides complete access to everything you need to improve staff mental wellbeing, meet legal obligations and boost profits.

Our Packages

Helping your company grow

Boost profits, reputation, productivity and performance with our interactive wellbeing portal designed in your business branding.

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Doing the legal bits for you

Meet legal requirements and comply with HSE regulations with our survey, risk assessment tool and customised mental health strategy guidelines.

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Packages that suit your business

Build a happy, healthy and resilient workforce with our certified e-learning covering everything for your staff's mental wellbeing. ‚Äč

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Advanced Technology

Our science based approach combines sophisticated technology with advanced features to maximise learning. The online training includes gamification, social collaboration and a blended learning approach. The system provides real-time dashboard reporting and data can be collated based on cross-team benchmarking and actionable insights to inform your management team.
The system is mobile enabled and can be made available in multiple languages.

Our Packages

Happy, Healthy Employees. Happy, Healthy Business.

Discover Working Well.

  • Training Suite

    Training Suite

    From building personal resilience to nutrition, your staff can gain certification in a range of subjects, building their knowledge and expertise in key areas.

  • The Community

    The Community

    Join the We Work Well community to encourage engagement and interaction and encourage collaboration for best practice in business.

  • Risk Assessment Tool

    Surveying Tool

    A bespoke wellbeing survey and risk assessment collecting data on a number of variables affecting workplace wellbeing, including questions based on the HSE Management standards, the officially recognised guidance in tackling work related stress.

  • Wellbeing initiatives & events

    Wellbeing Initiatives & Events

    Wellbeing champion schemes, webinars, expert blogs and annual events and discounts on partner services. Access a broad range of industry experts offering specific knowledge in a variety of subjects related to health and wellbeing.

  • Consultancy Service

    Consultancy Service

    A dedicated consultant to work with you as your wellbeing partner. From the needs analysis and system design implementation to usage review and recommendations, your consultant will be on hand to ensure you and your people receive the support you need.

  • Blending Learning

    Blending Learning

    A range of learning techniques available from online courses, self assessments and tests, interactive videos and activities, webinars and more to make sure your staff enjoy the learning experience!

We have developed a way for every business to work well.

Our platform uses scientifically backed advanced tools and training to explore the risks within your workplace and help you take the proactive steps needed to address them and create a happy and healthy workplace. With our support, as well as internal and external signposting, your staff will have access to the support they need it when they need it most. And whatever the size of your business, we have developed a solution to fit the bill and guide you through the process of implementing a mental health strategy that is fit for purpose. From micro businesses to budding empires, we have a package to suit the needs of your business and your people.

Our packages


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