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Our Process

Your dedicated wellbeing partner offering a customised solution throughout your wellbeing journey.

A smooth onboarding process

We recognise that the success of any new system or wellbeing programme relies on the level of engagement with the workforce and how effectively things are communicated across the workforce. For true change to happen, every employee needs to understand what is being introduced and why .

For every new client, we undertake a comprehensive onboarding process. Plus, we don't just leave you to it when your new shiny system is integrated into the business; you have your own specialist success manager who is there on hand to help and provide you with regular updates and reports on system use.

Knowing that you value the importance of their health is a pivotal part of your investment into We Work Well and helping your people to understand the system us a vital component for success.

This is what it makes it so important for us to help you every step of the way and make sure you are in a regular contact with your dedicated Account Manager who will be on hand whenever you need.


1. Initial Consultation And Learning Implementation

The first step in the process is to understand you, your business and your people. The initial consultation is our opportunity to really get to know your workplace culture and the challenges faced by your workforce. Your consultant will explore a number of key areas within the company to learn how We Work Well can offer the maximum benefit to your people and ensure that we are meeting all your needs and expectation.

We will find out about any customised changes you would like made to your platform, bespoke documents or procedures and explain the format for your wellbeing risk assessment to make sure you are compliant with all HSE regulations. Your consultant will gather the details for your bespoke theme to ensure that your We Work Well platform fits in with your business brand and request copies of your logo if required. Your current training procedures will be reviewed and used to create a learning plan for the year ahead, ensuring that all expectations are clearly defined.


2. Platform Development

Using the data gathered in stage 1, your customised learning platform will now be created according to your bespoke needs. All chosen e-learning courses will be added and each individual user will be set up with their own profile, dashboard and learning journey. You may want to have different courses available to different positions; for example, we have a number of manager specific courses which you may want to make available to your senior staff to equip them with the knowledge and practical skills to lead a healthy, happy and productive team. Once the platform is ready to go, we will notify you and give you the opportunity to have a look around your new workplace wellbeing platform and send out a teaser alert to your workforce to let them know that something exciting is about to happen!


3. Manager Induction

As awesome as our platform is, your business and your people will get the most out of it if they know how to use it! So the next stage is to show you and your key personnel everything you can do with the system! This includes uploading content for the This Is Me section, entering into discussions, reporting options, encouraging interaction with the platform and recommending courses. This is all about maximising your return on your investment. Remember, for every £1 spent on workplace wellbeing, £4 is saved. This boost on your profits will only happen if your people know how to work well with the platform.


4. Launch Time!

And now? Now is time to launch your amazing new platform! At this stage, we invite all personnel to login and find their way around their dedicated learning system and check out some of the courses available to them. We will explain the format of the platform, how to navigate the key areas, find courses and what they can expect to see in the future, from future webinars and fresh new content scheduled to upcoming guest vloggers and We Work Well events. We will explain the benefits of e-learning, interaction and engagement, gamification and social learning.

We want your people to be as excited as we are and to understand the benefits of learning ways to live a healthier and happier lifestyle.


5. Usage Review And Support

It is vital that we regularly take the opportunity to assess usage and ensure that you and your people are getting the most from your We Work Well investment. Your dedicated consultant will arrange regular reviews to assess the platform use and explore new ways to encourage engagement and monitor feedback from you and your people. You will also be provided with technical support when needed and your entire workforce will be given encouragement and recognition through the social learning and usage initiatives and competitions that are open to all We Work Well business members.


You can also send us your details using the form on the left and someone will be in touch shortly. Or if you need to visit us or contact us now, use the details below.


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